Thursday, July 27, 2006

Spirit Bear

from Sandra McLachlan
The Spirit Bear
A couple of years ago at a small get together after my father-in-law's funeral, a friend gave this photo to me. Making the point, dad is in good company now; he is with the spirits. After his own father died two years earlier, he got out a box of old family photos. He remembers as a child this picture being the one that never turned out. However, as he now looked closer at the photo, he saw something no one had seen before. Maybe this picture wasn't the picture that never turned out, but the one that turned out better than anyone thought possible. The photo was taken back in the 1950s. The man in the center had been institutionalized here in Ontario. On this afternoon, his sisters came to visit and took him for a walk on the hospital grounds. The man had been admitted to the hospital as being delusional; he saw things: spirits, Vikings, Indians, animals. Apparently, he died there, everyone thinking him crazy. Have a good look to the left of the woman on the left. Was this man really delusional?

Jeannie's Thoughts:
I've always loved this paranormal photo. I found this on the internet and thought the story was very interesting. We tend to think that people who sometimes see things, that we don't, are ill or have mental illness. What if what they see is real? What if we just don't or can't see what they see? We can only see these spirits or beings, that they see, if we capture them on a camera.
It certainly makes you wonder. Perhaps these beings exsist in another dimension and that certain people can actually see them? Perhaps these beings are always around us but we just don't see them? What if these beings are attracted to a certain type of person -- perhaps someone who can see them, and that these beings follow them around because they can be seen by this person?
What do you think?

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