Monday, June 09, 2008

Fox 11 News Reporter A Reptilian?


Fox 11 News reporter, Michael Brownlee, of LA, is found on www.youtube video clips shape shifting into reptilian form.

Michael reporting from Palmdale California about a young black female student who was arrested for the crime of not cleaning up properly a piece of cake that she had accidentally dropped on the floor.

While reporting this story, Michael walks off camera not once, but twice, as he shifts more acutely into reptilian form.

Jeannie's Thoughts:
Ok, folks! When I first heard about this whole reptilian shifting thing, I just thought it was a bunch of people manipulating videos and the placing them on www.youtube.com

However, after seeing this video, I think that something is definetly going on here!

First notice that the reporter actually walks away from the camera! He walks away from the camera and continues reporting out of sight!

Like he knows he looks messed-up. Notice he first, looks down, puts his head down and then walks away from the camera. Then he continues reporting the news, off camera!

What reporter does that?!

The camera person, obviously not knowing what to do, is left with his camera recording a school sign. The reporter just walked away and left him recording.

The camera man, after a few seconds, decides to zoom in on the sign, trying to compensate for the lack of an actual reporter in front of his camera, as the reporter continues his reporting, out of sight.

What is going on?!

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous the same thing happens to the girls face near the end.