Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BAYER SPREADS AIDS HIV SEX Hemopheliac medicine children

Bayer Corporation put live H.I.V. Virus in their hemopheliac medicine for children- and shipped it all over the world.
This is complete and utter TERRORISM and all those involved are guilty according to experts I have been reading on google.

I'm pretty sure there are terrorism laws against this type of mass murder.
I feel so bad for all the thousands of families and children who were infected due to Bayer Corporation.
This is the epitome of bad-business, and un-ethical, careless behavior.
Why would they do this to us?
They have a moral responsibility to protect us. We are the source of thier wealth. We are thier customers.

Please spread this around.
Maybe somebody can help fix the problem?
Maybe Bayer can step up and find a CURE??

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