Thursday, August 21, 2008

Denver Authorities Caught Lying About Camps!

This CNN report regarding the Denver secret prison camp, coming out 5 days after the CBS report, has a reporter saying that the Denver authorities told her that the reports of cells made of chain link fence IS NOT TRUE. Really?!! Well, we just saw in my previous post a CBS reporter showing the inside of the building and in fact it is full of chain link fences! Denver authorities are also lying and saying that it is only a "Processing Facility". Denver authorities create and keep a prison camp facility a secret, then they lie about what is inside, and then we are suppose to believe that it is only a processing facility. Don't trust these POLICE STATE enforcers. Keep in mind that during the last protest, in NYC, 90% of the protester arrested and were held, in a warehouse for days, were dismissed and were found not to have done anything criminal or disruptive. They were held in the warehouse without food, water, access to a bathroom, and a lawyer for days! Keep an eye out on what is happening in America to Americans! Keep your eye out on Denver. Now that their secret prison has been revealed, the Denver authorities say the protesters can have a FREE parade. I thought FREE SPEECH was FREE?!

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