Friday, August 01, 2008

Terrorstorm: The Final Cut

This is an Alex Jones video to watch. A MUST SEE:

Jeannie's Thoughts:This is the reason why I am currently questioning the happenings of 9/11.

Our US fighter jets were told to "Stand Down" during the hits. On June of 2001, fighter jets were no longer allowed to assist without the proper authorization of the Pres, the VP, and some other guy (I forgot). VP told them to "stand down".

Why did the Government continuously tell us that WTC 7 was not taken down by explosives? We find out many years later, via a PBS report, that Silverstein had been told that the building had to come down. It had to be "pulled". He agreed. Then it was brought down. It was brought down in a matter of hours?

BBC reported that the building was already down, 20 minutes before it actually was. You can see the building behind the reporter, as she is saying the building has collapsed. Imagine that?! What did the BBC know and when did they know it?!

How about NORAD conducting exercises on the same exact day and time,and same scenario as the 9/11 attacks? Then we were told that "no one could ever conceive that terrorists would use our own planes as weapons"?

BTW, Britain's 7/7 (their version of 9/11) had their government conducting the same exercises with the same scenario, as the 7/7 attacks, at the same exact moment that their 7/7 terrorists attacks were happening? Coincidences? Yeah, right!

All we have to do is figure out when NORAD is going to conduct a bunch of terrorist attack exercises, in a major city, and that will most likely be where the next major attack will happen. Oh, at that same exact time, that they plan to run the exercise.
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