Sunday, March 01, 2009

American Pirates Survival - Horrible People!

My man-servant happened to stumble upon this so-called "American Survival" radio station on Live 360.

I cannot believe how horrible this guy is. He actually said that if you are dying, he will not give you CPR. He will walk over your body and take from you, everything he needs!

He says that he is not stocking up on guns because he is going to shoot people who have guns that he needs and take it from them.

This is the kind of guy that the Patriot Movement is going to have to take out soon after the shit hits the fan.

Remember those Mad Max movies? Remember those gangs of villains driving around stealing, killing, and being just plain animals?

These guys who run American Pirates Survival and those who follow this guy are going to be those villains in those MadMax movies.

When trying to obtain good and valuable information regarding surviving against the NWO and joining the Patriot Movement, just be on your guard against people like these.

They are only out for themselves and don't care about America and our fellow American Patriots.

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