Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program

Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Disaster
March 20, 2011

In this program, we discuss the "Secret Space Program" and the concept of a breakaway civilization. Someone with a more sophisticated and advanced technology, from Earth, has created for themselves a completely different capability to go into space, to utilize resources and maybe even to settle on other planets. Is this a plausible theory? Could this really be happening? Richard C. Hoagland from enterprisemission.com and author of “The Monuments of Mars” and ”Dark Mission", returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss some of these ideas. Richard tries to shed light on the possibility that most of humanity has been kept in the dark about. Topics Discussed: the other space program, advanced technology, Timothy Good, Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, the Secret Space Program, breakaway civilization, anti-gravity, free energy, Star Trek, the Nazis, the Hebrews, the Bible, natural cycle of cataclysm, the yuga cycles, the superwealthy elite, banksters, uranium and plotunium, Japanese earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, war in Libya, philosophical roots of the idology and more.

Jeannie's Thoughts: Very, very interesting! Does answer a lot of questions. What Do You Think?


NiteSkyGirl said...

I heard this and it fascinated me, great to hear it again. LOVE your blog :)

Iron quantum dots said...

This is the most innovative and beneficial program for human race. This plan could be possible by take all the developed country's help and with nanotechnology.

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